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Adventure islands

What’s farming?

It’s just playing lower adventure levels for coins and card drops. It’s a steady income of epic cards and Giggity to your inventory. Remember to always have the 3× ads boost, since it increases your drop rate by 50%

What are the best islands for farming?

Unfortunately, this aspect of the game changed and the tip is no longer applies

First five islands have best drop rate to energy ratio. Choose the one that has your desired card.

You may want to look at the next five islands since they also have a good ratio, but different sets of rewards. For example, 7-2 (Swat Bob on 7th island) can give you both Bob and Burger Suit, so it’s better than anything on the second island if you’re interested in those two cards in particular.

Check out the detailed information on the best islands to farm in a spreadsheet by /u/Ak-Xo

I am stuck on some of the last islands, any advice?

The most commonly adviced strategy is to take out the first card before it can combo. To do this:

Paddlin’ Peggy (Peggy and Rifle) is a great card to win those levels. You can farm those cards in the adventure, so everyone can get them. It has high punch and crazed, so you can take the advantage if the AI plays a card with a little lower health (like 16-19), and then the crazed kicks in and you can take out a stronger card in the second turn.

Sometimes even after you manage to put Paddlin’ Peggy in the first spot you lose because she takes damage quicky and is knocked out. There is a trick you may try to avoid this. Insted of playing PP in the first spot, sacrifice another card for the first spot, and play PP in the second. It will take one turn more, the AI will manage to combo their first card and you will take a lot of damage, but your Peggy will build up attack with Crazed and evetually take out this first card with punch as well as the others.

I’m stuck with about 12 adventure energy cap, this allows me to play only two or three adventure battles

Buy the Adventure Energy Accelerator, it’s a fair deal. It increases the cap by 30 points. This way you can play once every 8 hours instead of every 2 hours. If you are not willing to pay to play — sorry, no other advice for you.