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Arena (PvP battles)

What is the best hero I can use?


If you have a show-specific deck you may consider a show-specific Commander.

My hero is only level 5, how long will it take to reach level 10?

Use the arena refresh feature. Skip all oponents that don’t have a chance of droping your chosen hero token. This way you will be only leveling one hero instead of all 15, so it will be 15× faster.

This will of course cost coins. One refresh costs 100 coins. It will take on average 13-15 refreshes to get your hero. This means sometimes you’ll get it on the second try, but other times you’ll have to refresh 30 times (there is no number after it is certain you get yours). The detailed calculations were done by /u/milkshaakes in their spreadsheet. For winning an arena battle you’ll get around 800-1000 coins, depending on your arena level. This means that on average you’ll lose 300-500 coins on refreshing. Even more since you won’t win every battle. There are steps to avoid bankrupcy:

From experience, it will take about three weeks of regular plays (with refills) to level from 5 to 10. For comparison, without the refreshes it would take nearly a year to max out.

You can use the simulator to get a gist of it.

Except for the Maxing Out strategy, who should I skip in arena?