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How is my Rumble score calculated?

Thanks to FatAndy we have cracked the exact formula for Rumble point loss (or at least a fair approximation):

 (total damage to your cards + damage to your hero)
 / (total full health of your cards + full hero health)
 × 0.7 × 100

The values is rounded down. The 0.7 modifier may depend on additional factors, but it has proven to be accurate enough).

This means, that:

Is there a way of tracking my guildmates scores during the rumble?

Not out of the box, but you can use this great Rumble Breakdown Spreadsheet by sikTh78 to record and analyse them later.

Should I buy the special challenge card or box packs?

Unfortunately, this aspect of the game changed and the tip is no longer applies

Final form cards, in general, are pretty good if you can fuse them to the same level as the majority of cards in your deck. Final form cards are equivalent to playing 2 cards at once. Box packs have higher potential, but are a roll of the dice.

Source: /u/milkshaakes in a reddit thread