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What is farming?

Farming is a bot that plays automatically for you. It does any of the following things:

Ok, sign me in, how can I start?

Fill your credentials above (if you haven’t already) and use the button to enable it. Then select the chores (described above) you’d like it to do for you. Make sure to select your favourite adventure islands for the best results.

The bot will run within one hour from saving your settings — be patient!

Can it do Sieges and Rumbles

No. No guild events.

It will also skip the Swole Challenge, as you’re better off deciding on your own how to play it.

Can it automatically use my refills?

Only for adventure, only for paying users. It will not refill arena, it would create an unfair advantage in the brawl.

Is it free?

No, it’s a paid tool, with some exceptions. And there is a free trial.

I don’t want it any more, how can I stop it?

Disable the farming using the button above and save your settings. This will not cancel your payments. To do so go to Paypal and stop the subscription.

How can I know if it works?

You will see a history of everything the bot does on this page.

Will I be banned for using this?

Dunno, I’m not the one that gives the bans. Ask Kong.