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Combo Recipes

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Choose a card and get all recipes information related to it. (sources)
Character Card Item Card Combo Card

The source of the data:

Data mining
The card and combo information are fetched in real time from the actual XML data files the game uses, so it’s always accurate.
Combo attack & health
It’s calculated using a formula: 1.1 × (character.attack + item.attack) × combo.attack_multiplier. Same for the health.
Skill values
A combo power is calculated using formula: 1.1 × (3 × (character.attack + item.attack) + + Then, given parameters p and v for each skill (from the XML files), each skill value is calculated using formula: floor( (combo power - p) × (v - 1) ÷ (100 - p) + 1 )
FatAndy provided the final formula, and I am eternally grateful!
Huge thanks to /u/toolazytomake for their research on Amy’s Talking Tattoo data. Also thanks everyone contributing in this thread for hints!