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Should I always save coins and buy cards in packs, 25 at a time, 50 at a time, to increase my odds?

No. This is not how the random generator works. A 10% drop rate will have the same results, regerdles whether you buy one 50k pack, or 50 1k packs, or 10 5k packs. There seems to be periods with increased drops altogether, you may want to try you luck then, but it’s just a hunch.

In other words, you can pull a legendary from a single-common-card pack:

Legendary Peter from a 1k pack

What is the best thing I can spend my gems on?

Most recommended option is the 800 gems box special deal. If you don’t have many gems, don’t waste them on refills, speeding up research, upgrading cards, etc. The boxes have the best odds for you.

After the 800 box special deal, there is another one: 10 cards for 3500 gems. This means that you can get 13 cards for 4300 gems. You should try to save up until you can buy both of those. This gives you the best chance of getting multiple legendaries to fuse.

Should I buy the Rapture Box?

This was an answer when the Rapture Box was released the second time, but it applies as an example to every box

Noone should and noone can decide for you. You always need to judge the box by:

So let’s look at the Rapture Box (for exampe, this was during the Athletic BGE):

In addition, I have this rule of mine for some time now:

Hoard your GiggityWatts and only spend them when a new BGE is announced. I have tons of unfused lvl 1 Burger Suits, Vitruvian Men, Golden Turds and some Ruperts (two months ago this list included Lois’ Pianos, Alamo Beers and Wrestling cards). This way I’m always ready for the next BGE with at least some fused item cards that fit it. You obviously need to hoard epic cards as well for this strategy.

Given the above, trying to be objective, I would not recommend the box. On the other hand, if you have your deck build around Stan, it’s a perfect match. And to completely mess with your head, I did pull both special deals from this box because: