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Drop rates simulator

A lot has changed since I build this tool. It’s mostly outdated now

Fill out the form below to see how many coins, tokens, Giggity and epic drops can you expect after a week of play.

The source of the data:

Arena coin rewards
From the XML files, API and experience
Adventure rewards
XML files, experience
Guild coin bonus
It’s in the API response as well as shown on the guild tab
Epic drop rates
The drop rates are in the XML files and in the API. It’s not specified what is the chance of each of the nine cards to drop, so I assumed it’s equal for all (1 in 9)
Ad Crates contents
It is unclear, but the API contains definitions of each possible ad crate type (from 500 gold to 2k gold) along with a p value in increasing order (from 2% to 100%). This is treated as an incremental probability for each type of crate. I.e. if the rarest doesn’t get selected, the next one may be, up to the most common crate with probability of 100%.
Token drop rate
There is no mention about the token drop rate in the XML files nor in the API. It was assumed about 0.75 points per won battle (the actual drop rate is lower, but it’s not uncommon to receive 2, 5 or more tokens in one drop). This value is based on a stats of few players from about 5k arena battles. This may vary, so take it with a grain of salt.
You can look at the values in the values.yaml file and the calculations are done using javascript located in simulator.js